A potentially bad situation addressed well
I live two hours away and decided to call ahead to ensure the bike I saw on the dealership website was available. I was assured it was. Upon arrival, I realized something was off. The bike had been changed with different exhaust and many other accessories that werent shown in the dealership website. After a lengthy discussion, it was discovered that the bike was, in fact, the bike on in the pictures. Their automated system defaulted to the previous pictures of when the bike was originally purchased years ago. Mystery solved, the team - Im saying team because every department was involved - STAYED AFTER CLOSING, replaced the parts on the bike to bring it back to as close as the pictures as possible. These were used stock parts from previous owners but I didnt care. Everyone was dedicated and committed to my satisfaction. This includes the lady in Motorclothes that gave me a tour of the section and helped me with my questions, again, after closing. After purchase, the service department has provided personalized service that included texts on my part selection, labor estimates and completion estimates. Very well done. (Employee: Adam Carter)
Aaron Curtis
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